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What does it mean to flourish in life?


On each episode of Eudaemonia, Kim interviews world-renowned experts, researchers and 'inspiring examples' and discusses how to develop the habits and characteristics that help us lead a truly flourishing life.






"The journey toward deeper knowledge is not a scientific one, nor a spiritual one. It is a human journey, and by opening your mind to your deeper potential you are contributing to this amazing, and endless, quest for understanding."
Kim Forrester






Kim Forrester is a mother, nature lover,
global traveller, holistic wellbeing advocate
and kindness enthusiast.

As an award-winning author, educator
and consultant, Kim combines
cutting edge science with
spiritual philosophy to inspire
holistic wellbeing and fullness of living.

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Throughout history, and around the world, millions of people have experienced psi (psychic) insights and inspiration. For centuries, these experiences have been ignored, ridiculed or, worse, condemned people to torture or death. But in recent decades scientists have begun to validate - and unravel - these elusive experiences.

Infinite Mind is an award-winning collection of extraordinary, true psi experiences and the modern research that is beginning to explain these phenomena.

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5 Simple Remedies for Overwhelm

How to stay above water when you're drowning in obligation.

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Social Connection: the key to a 'good' life

How can we foster authentic connection, and flourish?

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Simple Pleasures

4 ways to inject goodness into your day.

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The First Straw

Your example is the most powerful change-agent there is.


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